18 May 2010

Little Heart

When you are reversed and you lost your way,
The teeth tremble and your feet shiver,
No place is safe and everyday is danger,
And your faith is as thin as the air,
Remember to close your eyes.

You have no one to bring back your faith,
And your strength is truly not strong enough.
You are trapped by your own hope,
Framed in your own walls of defense,
Crucified by your own prejudice,
Killed by your own understanding,
Wounded by your own denial.

But keep it through, little heart,
For tears only live for first days and soon will die.
You may scream and explode like the nature is in anger,
For you believe you are failed to save your happiness.
You have to witness the faded shadow,
And you have to firm yourself that this is beyond you.
You will wish you could cut off your body,
So then you will bleed all over – and not just your heart.
You curse yourself for harming other people,
To fail and not be able to recover.
But wake up, little heart,
Will you still be sleeping while the world is running?
You have to learn that this is not all your fault,
You are not responsible for everything that falls.
Time holds everything and it takes its time to make everything up for you.

So, listen to the sky, litt
le heart,
And you shall see the newborn sun.
Play your song in your mouth, and you shall sing in peace.
Cry your shattered dreams over your face, and you shall dream again.
Leave your road with new hopes, and you shall find another one.
Lit your love in your heart, and you shall wonder the magic of love again.
Carve your faith on your lungs, and you shall remember it every time it beats.
Pray for your loved one in most praises, and he shall be a blessed man.

This is the time when you are tried,
To be strong over your strength,
To bind your faith over your grief,
To let go and not regret for it,
To be thankful for what you are gifted to have,
And to be brave to start a new story of your life.

(June, 2010)

05 August 2009

What Holds at Last

When your sight gathers in one vision,
Be sure and do not doubt,
For what you see is never far from your belief,
Like the exploding emotions blend in one child’s heart.

As if your fingers recognize the lunacy of a thorn,
So shall your heart senses a muted hope.
But be still, and be true,
For light never exists if you do not let it comes.

Pattern your love and trail with your faith,
For the road you are walking never wastes any time.
You are broken and you are tempted,
But true devotion do not devastate.

Thousand ways do love to be paced by you,
But only one holds your dream at last.
It is hard, and you can weep no more,
But be brave and keep it through.

Breathing man are longing for their love on you,
But your faith is as strong as one man’s bone.
They adore you and pledge you,
But your roots grow and conquer the earth beneath.

Be still and flourish your desires in the highest,
As if prayer will not be magical if it just mouthed.
For you never fails to listen the voice of your heart,
Your trust and love will not be melt;
Under the barking flame, the winding storm or earthy flood,
Between the esteemed sunset and demanding sunrise.

And you shall not let go until you have to,
For you will know in the moment you see his eyes,
When his burning love has shattered to ashes,
His passion rejects to shiver your feet,
And his moves tear your bones into pieces,
You know that he is no longer your companion.

But may your knowledge of him remains,
And you never stop discovering him,
That he is destined to be there for you;
Then you find that his words are your faith,
His breath is your certainty,
His touch is your reliance,
His eyes are your guardian,
And his presence is your dream at last.

(July 18th, 2009)

04 May 2009

Kiss the Rain

The rain is falling down,
And I'm carried away,
Into the tenderness,
And voice of its song,
I see you next to me,
And our holding hands,
And I just hope,
Time stops for a while.

And I am here,
Whispering at you,
That you are giving me the best I never hope for.
I still deny,
That all of this is real,
And I'm not dreaming of you and your love.

I hold too many fear,
When I remember you,
Fearing that one day you,
know that you do wrong,
And you're drifting away,
And the story ends,
The affection fades,
And I'm alone.

I hear the rain again,
I know it's time to say,
To answer all the doubt,
To show you my way,
And deep inside my heart,
I do need you to know,
That I'm watching you,
And I love you.

And now I know you are my rain.

(April 30th, 2009)